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Mowing Equipment



The EDWARDS HIGHWAY MOWER is designed to adapt to a wide variety of agricultural and industrial tractors.  Mounting permits complete flexibility for shoulder and median mowing.  The direct coupled hydraulic drive provides shock absorbing power transmission with overload protection.  


The EDWARDS FLAIL MOWER is the perfect companion for the Edwards ighway Mower.  Available in 5, 6, 7, and 8 foot cutting width in either center or offset position.  Power band  drive gives maximum drive and absorbs shocks.  Industrial double edged knives individually mounted for easy repalcemsnt or sharpening. 


 The Edwards DYNA-CUTTER does it all.  High speed dual blade cutting power.  High capacity, shock absorbing power band drive and heavy duty construction to handle rugged mowing jobs.  Low profile design with center drive or offset drive for orchard operation.  Gets in under trees without damage to limbs or fruit.  Exclusive DYNA-TRIM attachment (optional) mows around and between trees for "one pass" orchard mowing. 


The EDWARDS DYNA TRIM SERIES DT5420 is a hydraulic driven, mid mounted, low profile mower designed for trimming around trees, posts, sprinkler risers, or other obstacles.  The mid mount position permits combining the Dyna Trim with any three point mounted or  trailing mower.  Hydraulic cylinder controls angle of cut from 15 degrees down to 15 degrees up for hillside terraces. 


The EDWARDS DYNA TRIM attachment you can mow in one direction and reach between the trees to get all the grass and weeds in one operation.  The Dyna Trim also works well for the control of weeds in vineyards, berries, and trellised orchards.  The Dyna Trim mounts to a variety of mower frames, tool bars and three point hitches.


 The EDWARDS DYNA TRIM can be mounted to an EDWARDS FRONT 3-POINT HITCH making this unit able to trim the tree or fence row with exellent visibility and manuverability.  Having the DYNA TRIM mounted up front allows a rear pto driven mower to be pulled at the same time thus mowing the tree row and the middle strip at the same time.  This is spring loaded to pivot around the trees or fence posts. 


This is the same models as above only double sided mowing both sides of the row.  This DYNA TRIM is also hydraulically driven and mounted to an EDWARDS FRONT 3-POINT HITCH.  This also has a hydraulic width adjustment that with a one spool valve will move both mowing heads in or out to match the row width. 


It is no longer necessary to mow both ways in your orchard,  With the Edwards DYNA-TRIM attachment, you can mow in one direction and reach between the trees to get all the grass and weeds in one operation.  With the DYNA-TRIM you don't have to mow across ditches,  It even reduces pipe handling where sprinklers are used.  This not only saves up to 50% mowing time, but also reduces wear and tear on your machinery.

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